Long-term investment excellence is our primary goal.

Structured Finance

MAIORA considers financing opportunities across Debt and Equity linked loans or bonds sectors and is focused on companies and opportunities across the Asia Pacific. Renewables, Resources and Japanese Real Estate are areas of our specific focus and expertise.

Renewable Energy

MAIORA invests in early risk renewable projects globally, exiting either at completion of the project or the readyto-build stage. To date, MAIORA has invested in over 1.4GW of renewable projects around the globe, with over 135MW currently in operations across 4 countries.

Impact Investment

Impact investing refers to investments made into companies, organisations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return and MAIORA applies capital to address social and/or environmental issues and imbalances as well as generate compelling returns for its investors. MAIORA actively seeks to apply its capital in businesses and funds in sectors such as renewable energy, health, finance, ecotourism and conservation in emerging and developing markets.

Private Equity / Venture Capital

MAIORA makes private equity investments in the Renewables and Resource Sector as well in Green Tech, Biotech and Health Sectors. We usually focus on small cap companies or early stage investments and are committed to providing capital to address social and/or environmental issues as a priority.

Our key to success

We cogently assess the opportunity, interrogate the underlying risk proposition and rapidly deploy capital ahead of the competition whilst structuring the transaction in such a way as to ensure a positive outcome for all stakeholders.