About us

MAIORA Asset Management Pte Ltd is a global asset management fund with an Asian focus.

Founded by former Deutsche Bank employees with a combined 80 years of financial experience, MAIORA was established in 2010 with a focus on opportunistic investments in structured finance, renewable energy, real estate and private equity. Over the last decade, MAIORA has turned into a successful global asset management business with an Asian focus, with employees based in Singapore and Japan, whose investment strategies and processes are guided by effecting financial success through positive social and environmental change. We are driven by ESG and impact investment principles, where it is our intention and commitment to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a compelling financial return.

In essence, MAIORA focuses on investing with purpose.

Our investors include large asset management firms, Asia based multi-strategy funds, family funds and high net worth individuals.

Over the last decade, MAIORA has developed a core set of services and principles which allows its investors to thrive financially whilst making a meaningful contribution to social and environmental challenges.

It is our belief that we should never stop thinking big, and accomplishing great things, but we must always do so with responsibility, ensuring returns go way beyond the monetary.